Thursday, January 9, 2014

Building a Learning Network

As a reflection, infusing Web 2.0 tools, with social media and information as a method of both learning and sharing what has been learned is only as limited as our Spam Filter.  However, teachers and tech teams can work together to make good tools available, paired with good digital citizenship training and common practices of internet safety expectations to make differentiating and 1:1 learning a reality.

As an assignment I was asked to share my Personal Learning Network.  The tool I used was Glogster,  I played with several info-graph makers and a few mindmaps, but instantly liked the “with it” look of Glogster, made me feel hip and cool (feel.. not be)  The connections I picked are my favorites and my “go to”s, except for Linked-in and YouTube, which I frequent less often.

Linked in: I am a part of several groups on Linked-in, but I rarely participate now since most of my prior groups are site principal based. Currently, I most often delete the emails and should find new discussions that are more fitting to my current job title.  

Youtube: I find Youtube both useful and annoying.  I love to listen to speakers like Dan Pink and Sir. Ken Robinson,.  I also use it for visuals when I can’t figure out how to put something together.  I also like to peek in to my grandson’s channel.

Blogger: I actually follow a number of bloggers, but Sandy is my friend, so thus my “not to miss” blog, which also happens to be “Education” based, rather than food or travel.  Other Educational Blogs that I visit are more likely to be because of a Twitter follow, and I listed those under Twitter on the Glogster.

Twitter: I love Twitter, but I am more of a follower than a leader.  Once I procured a number of Tweeters to follow, who were writing about things I cared about, it was gold. When it comes to “right now” information, Twitter has it. Sometimes I pick up on a conversation that I love and follow a #.  I used #EdChat on my Glogster because it was trending yesterday evening.  I don’t normally use Twitter for personal information.

Facebook: I put Facebook, next to Twitter, because they are the two I check regularly.  I love Edutopia and follow it on Twitter and Facebook.  Mostly, I catch up with my family and friends on Facebook, play games and chat, but I have regular sprinkles from Edutopia, and Project Cornerstone which are Educational based.  I also have FB connections to people that I work with.  It helps to feel a close knit bond that we sometimes are too busy at work to form.  We don’t chat around the “water cooler” anymore.. But we still feel the need to be connected outside of work.